Online medical information and education on Paediatrics for GPs

There are a tremendous number of resources out there on the web, both for children and their families and caregivers, and for General Practitioners. The following is a quick overview of these resources.

Hospital Paediatric Resources

The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

This site is a collaboration between the Randwick and Westmead hospitals and the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children. They have a range of fact sheets on various conditions affecting children and young people, including many which have been translated into other languages.

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They also have an online professional development program run in conjunction with the University of Sydney called 'SCHP' (Sydney Child Health Program).

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The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

This hospital also has a wide range of paediatric resources, including a kid's health app and clinical guidelines.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service

The Queensland Children's Hospital has a similar page devoted to Paediatric health resources, plus they have a newsletter for referring GPs.

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Other practitioner-directed resources

There are a number of sites which are written by and for paediatric practitioners, both here in Australia and overseas. Here are a few of those:

Life in the fast lane

This site is run by Dr Mike Cadogan, an emergency physician based in Perth, WA.  It has a listing of paediatric resources for practitioners on this page.

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Don't forget the bubbles

This site has over 600 paediatric articles contributed by over 70 authors.

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This is an interactive digital learning platform YouTube channel devoted to paediatrics associated with Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School…

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Condition-specific sites

Almost all major conditions are represented by associations, which have a huge amount of up-to-date information on them. Some examples are…

Autism -

Allergies -

Cystic Fibrosis -

Generic resources on children's health

Raising children

This Australian government funded site has a huge amount of information on children's health.

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Better Health Channel

This site, sponsored by the Victorian State Government, is not paediatric specific, but nonetheless is a large resource for general paediatric information.

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Healthy Children

A US-based site run by the American Academy of Paediatrics.

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There are also a few apps out there covering various aspects of paediatrics, such as:

  • Kids Health Info (developed by The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne)
  • Paediatric Intensive Care (also developed by The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne)

All the apps mentioned can be found on Apple's App Store.