Jane Dostine

BSc (USyd), MNutr.Diet (USyd)

Dietician Specialising in Allergy

Jane is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) providing expert nutrition and dietary advice to treat a wide range of paediatric conditions.

She has been specializing in the management of food allergy and intolerance since 1992, helping solve the riddle of adverse food reactions. Skin Prick Testing is available on site to investigate IgE mediated allergy.

A wide range of paediatric problems like failure to thrive, fussy feeding, gut symptoms, eczema, rashes and hives as well as unsettledness and behavioural concerns can benefit with dietary management. The RPAH Elimination Diet is a tool for investigating food chemical intolerance and diets can be manipulated for fermentable sugars FODMAP.

Jane is a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia. She also has a Certificate in Home Economics, travelled extensively, contributed to pilot studies for Aboriginal maternal health and worked as a Respiratory Technician.

She has 3 now adult children that have helped her over the years gain insight and empathy. Jane values the importance in getting nutrition right in the early years.


  • BSc – Bachelor of Science (USyd).
  • MNutr.Diet – Master of Nutrition and Dietetics (USyd).

Professional Memberships

  • DAA – Dietitians Association of Australia.

Additional Professional Activities and Contributions

  • Paediatric Interest Group.


  • Magazine articles to Healthy Food Guide.
  • Student projects: Food Allergy Profile and the Association with Eczema 0-5 years old children in an Allergy Clinic 2012 / Nut allergy Trends in Children 0-7 years of Age in a Private Practice Setting 2013.